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Company Analysis and Share Valuation

The value of a company comprises important information that can help management and external individuals like shareholders and stakeholders in decision making.  Such information can help investors assess if the share price of the organisation is over-valued or under-valued in the stock market. ...

The Prevention of Money Laundering & Financing of Terrorism

08:45 | REGISTRATION & WELCOME COFFEE   9:00 | SETTING THE SCENCE Antonio Ghirlando | Vice President Compliance Department, FIMBank This introductory session will include a brief overview of the applicable standards and provisions aimed at the prevention of money laundering and funding ...

Planning an Audit for an SME

ISA 300, Planning an Audit of Financial Statements, requires that at the planning stage of the audit, the auditor should establish an overall strategy for the audit, develop an audit plan, and reduce audit risk to an acceptably low level. The standard also requires that: ‘’Auditors shoul...

Social Security Pensions

The seminar will cover current qualifying conditions for a pension and other related issues emanating from the Pensions Reform.

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in Practice

The Health and Safety Authority Act sets forth the principle that employees should be protected from sickness, disease and injury arising from their employment. This lecture will provide guidance for good practice in the performance of Occupation Health and Safety and for quality performance in iden...