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Tax Amendments Incorporated in the Budget Act and Other Laws

The seminar will discuss legislative changes introduced by the Budget Act and other tax laws passed in 2016.

Business Skills [Gozo]

The business plan serves a number of purposes.  It helps the entrepreneur to crystallise his/her ideas, to consider all aspects of the business and see how these fit together.  The business plan is also useful for providers of finance in order to evaluate the viability of the idea.  A...

Tax Issues Relating to Contracts of Rent & The Maltese Tax Treatment of the Digital Economy [Gozo]

TAX ISSUES RELATING TO CONTRACTS OF RENT The seminar will discuss the tax implications of the rental agreement, from income tax to VAT. Topics covered will include recently introduced rules relating to the tax treatment of rental income and the distinction between trading rents and non-trading rent...

Management Accounts

"Most business managers know the importance of finance in a business but fewer are aware of the potential that management accounting have.  It can transform the  accounting process into an opportunity to protect, improve, expand and optimise the business. Business managers look at ac...

Corporate Reorganisation - Strategies to Unlocking Value

This session will provide a thought provoking journey as one considers re-dimensionalising a business group or just a single entity. In an interactive manner participants will be exposed to tools and benefit from practical insights in their application. The session will explore: Understanding...