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Family Trusts

Article 43A of the Trusts and Trustees Act provides for a special type of trust and a special genre of trustee (i.e. the private trustee). Article 43A prescribes that when a number of conditions are met, an individual who agrees to act as a trustee because he is related to the settlor may act as a t...

Completing a Company Tax Return

The Seminar will deal with the completion of the tax return, calculation of the correct tax due and inclusion of allowable deductions. The seminar will focus on the capital allowances, interest and dividend attachments among others.

Management Accounts

"Most business managers know the importance of finance in a business but fewer are aware of the potential that management accounting have.  It can transform the  accounting process into an opportunity to protect, improve, expand and optimise the business. Business managers look at ac...

Fundamentals of Finance for Non Accountants

The ability to understand, interpret and decide upon financial information that can help improve business performance and profitability. Sitting down in management meetings, listening to finance jargon and feeling lost is not very productive, neither listening to the Finance Manager refering to ...

Cheques, Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit

This session seeks to provide the participants with a comparative examination of the fundamental aspects and formal requisites of the financial instruments available in commercial practice namely bills of exchange and forms of letters of credit and the parties involved within the framework of Maltes...