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Compliance in Company Service Providers

The scope of the Seminar is to provide an insight on compliance by persons, registered as company service providers (CSPs) with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), with the Company Service Providers Act (Chapter 529 of the Laws of Malta), and the Regulations and Rules issued thereunder.&n...

VAT Updates - Repeat Session

The session will discuss important VAT related judgements delivered recently by the Court of Justice of the European Union together with any recent changes to the VAT and related legislation, including background information and explanation of other provisions which are connected to the said judgeme...

Audit Report Updates

This seminar will highlight

  • Changes to the Audit Report – Where are they coming from?
  • Application and effective dates.
  • Changes stemming from EU Law.
  • Changes stemming from International GAAS.

IFRS Updates

Tuesday 05 December 2017 IFRS 15: This joint IASB and FASB standard introduces a five step process for determining revenue recognition. The standard is effective in the EU for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2018.  The standard simplifies US GAAP while at the same time makin...

Cyber Crime? What does it mean for your business?

It has been recently estimated that cybercrime will, until the year 2021, cost, on average, $6 trillion annually. Essentially however, it is not this figure which should be concerning, but what this figure and cybercrime means for your business. Many companies have already started allocating a bigge...