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VAT Obligations

VAT Obligations
Event Date 4 July, Tuesday 2017
Event Time 14:00

Intercontinental Malta, St George's Bay - St Julians

Registration Fee €40.00

Event Description

Knowing the VAT obligations is considered a key element in the competence of a tax practitioner to be able to deliver high quality professional services. Getting it right is essential and fulfilling, much as getting it wrong could be disappointing and possibly costly. To get it right you need not only to be well acquainted with VAT rules but also to be regularly updated. In the course of this presentation we will be going through the VAT obligations which arise from the Malta VAT Act and explain in detail the mechanics and processes thereof.


Speaker Information

Speaker : Charles Vella

CHARLES VELLA is a veteran of the VAT Department Mr Vella has vast experience in indirect taxation being involved at the Department since the introduction of Vat in Malta in 1995. He has occupied important positions within the VAT Department including Director Legal and International Affairs and for the last years before retirement from the public service as Director General. Mr Vella has represented the VAT Department in both local and international fora and regularly attended VAT Committee and Council Meetings where important Vat legal topics and proposals to amend the Vat Directive are respectively discussed. He has also participated in Fiscalis Program seminars and workshops, having also the distinction of chairing two such Fiscalis Program seminars held in Malta in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Following his retirement from the public service Mr Vella joined Zampa Debattista, a boutique accounting and audit firm specialising in VAT matters, where together with Matthew Zampa, one of the partners and a leading expert in the field of VAT in Malta, they form a highly competent, experienced and proficient VAT team.

CPE Accreditation

Accreditation Detail : MIA Accredited | 3 hours Core in terms of the Accountancy Board's CPE scheme